Physiotherapy also known as Physical therapy is a health care profession, which views human movement as central to the health and well being of individuals. Physiotherapists identify and maximise movement potential through health promotion, preventive health care, treatment and rehabilitation.

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KPMM is the first to introduce mobile physiotherapy unit equiped with all electrotherapy and exercise therapy facilities. Mobile unit is available with prior booking.

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Various therapy aids are avaialable with us. These products of international brands and quality, range from therapy aids and techniques that can be used for exersie and therapy at home.

Shoulder Exercise Kit : A convenient way to do shoulder exercises at home. Can be attached overdoor or to a overhead hook in ceiling. Comes with a special KPMM exercise book with stand, a pair of Soft grip handles which can be used for resistance bands also, I kg soft dumbell or optional weight cuff. Ideal for those with periarthritis of shoulder, post-traunatic stiffness, post- surgical cases after a fracture, shoulder joint replacement, soft-tissue injuries of the shoulder such as ligamentous/ tendon injury[rotator cuff injuries] paralytic disorders etc. Attachments are available for special cases [eg; if hand is paralyzed and no grip is there, but shoulder has to be self- mobilized]. Please contact us for your specific need. Will be shipped to patient address upon request.

Weight Cuffs : Ideal for toning up exercises and aerobics. Two models-one for ankle[2.25kgs] and one for wrist[1.25kgs] are available.Each model has 10 metal bullets of equal weight which are easily removable. Ideal for strengthening quadriceps and hamstrings in elderly and muscle firming and toning up for the middle-aged. For youngsters it is a convenient option for body shaping, because you dont have to hold the resistance by hand.


Yoga/Fitness Mat : Ideal for exercises on floor. Soft for your bony prominances, yet rigid that contours slightly according body pressure so that you can perform exercises with ease. Can be folded into four for easy storage and is washable. Made of premium nylon which is non allergenic and fungal resistant. Available in Red, Blue and Black colour.

Heating Pads with Moist Heat Effect : An easy alternative to hot water bags with added advantage of instant moist heat effect. Ideal for cramps, spasm, muscle aches and joint pains. Can be wrapped across joints. Pad covered with soft velvet. Works in 220 v 50hz. Low power consumption. Long power cord with switch.