KPMM is the first professionally run exclusive center for physiotherapy in the city of Cochin, run by Dr. Tiji Mathew Thomas (PT), offering the best treatment and facilities. The clinic is easily accessible from reputed hospitals like Ernakulam Medical Center, Lakeshore Hospital, Specialist Hospital, etc.

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KPMM is the first to introduce mobile physiotherapy unit equiped with all electrotherapy and exercise therapy facilities. Mobile unit is available with prior booking.

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Broadly Physiotherapeutic management includes the following-Manual therapy or hands on treatment, exercise therapy, electrotherapy, application of physical agents, acupuncture, advice and strapping techniques. The treatment lasts for some sessions as per the short term and long term goals set after the initial assessment.The patient will be reassessed at the beginning of each subsequent session and treatment modified as necessary.

Manual Therapy : Also called Hands On Treatment which includes Passive mobilising of joints, Manipulation of joints, Mobilization with movement,Soft tissue techniques and manual Traction with or without aids.


Exercise Therapy : Individually tailored exercises for increasing flexibility and strength, re-balancing muscles, increasing co-ordination, improve breathing techniques and restore function., Progressive resistance exercise programmes [PRE]

Electrotherapy : Laser therapy, Ultrasound therapy, Shockwave therapy, Faradic and Galvanic Electrical Stimulation, Electro-acupuncture (for pain relief) and Laser acupuncture, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation),Biofeedback[ Galvanic skin resistance and ElectroMyoGram], Interferential therapy[IFT], Short-wave Diathermy, Microwave diathermy [Microthermy],


Application Of Physical Agents : Moist heat packs, Ice packs [Cryotherapy], wax therapy, Mechanical Traction with Electronically controlled Electrical System. Vacuum therapy
Advice : On rest versus activity, Modification of work or sport, Caring / Protecting your body/part against possible recurrence causing factors, Appropriate orthotic supports/footwear, Use of painkillers.

Strapping Techniques : To rest painful tissues, if required. Sports taping tecniques and manual therapy taping techniques eg: mulligan taping

Acupuncture : Modern acupuncture with research back-up is practised widely in Physiotherapy. Acupuncture in Physiotherapy is mainly sought for pain relief. Auriculotherapy or Ear acupuncture is gaining wide acceptance in Physiotherapy. Cold laser is used to stimulate the acupuncture points and it is a sterile and safe procedure.